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Populous Online is a community project providing multiplayer tools for Populous: The Beginning.

About The Matchmaker

The Populous Online Matchmaker is a free multiplayer utility that enables users to effortlessly connect multiplayer games. It was created by The Populous Online Community to better facilitate the multiplayer experience.


It's free to use, and entirely free of ads and in-app purchases.

Download the latest version:

About The Community

The Populous Online Community is centered around The Populous Online Discord Server. This is a new community of Populous players focused primarily on the multiplayer experience. The mission is to continually grow a bigger, better, and more welcoming environment that serves and supports the active player base.

We are comprised of players from around the world and from every background. We gather under our shared love of Populous like board game enthusiasts at the local park. The competition is fierce, the friendships are genuine, and the experience is like no other.

We invite all Populous players to join in celebration of the decades old masterpiece that is Populous: The Beginning.

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